Make every
interaction count

Engage - at a glance

Manage complaints, acquittals, events, public consultation, and information sessions.

Customisable workflows enabling you to know the status of every query, complaint, acquittal and set your own KPIs to track compliance against legislation, internal processes, and manage performance. This includes how many requests are received, how long they are taking to action, who is causing and where are the bottlenecks.

Report on your data with beautiful and customisable visuals. Map your data using our advanced geographical mapping (GIS) tools to overlay any data you can get your hands on.

Supported 24/7, in person, by our Sydney based passionate staff, who built every line of code.

Integrate with anything from outlook on your pc, to outbound mailouts, sms, customisable forms and two-way integration with most other community facing software.

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