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Having worked within the project industry, we share your frustration in using the existing 'project' software solutions. The typically over-complicated user experience is compounded by the price and approach to licensing, which is often inflexible and requires large upfront commitment.

Confidential & Secure

Fully encrypted 256bit SSL, your data is safe and securely stored on Amazons servers in Australia. It cannot be shared outside your organisation unless you specifically authorise it. You own your data. You can even choose to have your own database should you wish to separate your instance from other clients. Even our own tech staff do not have access to your data. We cater for those secret projects and super important stakeholders no one is meant to know about. We offer a full audit trail of all access to your data.


We are one of the rare software companies that will spend the time with you upfront (and in person if in Sydney) to train your administrators in the use of the system. We also offer an eLearning module.

Administrative ease

We paid special attention to administrators, because we know you carry the burden of ensuring data quality, integrity, reporting, setup, new projects and induction. Our software has built in smarts including prompting you in the event of detecting a potential duplicate, form autofill capability, data extraction with just a single click and data merging functionality to allow you to administer and enter your data with ease.

User permissions

Easily grant your own users the ability to see only certain projects, programs, portfolio’s or stakeholders. You can also set different permissions for your different user groups – for example consultants, contract partners, staff, and executive.

Enterprise hierarchy

We know that the structure of your enterprise will change, and our software changes with you with its flexible enterprise view that allows you to view projects, programs, portfolio’s and organisations.

Completely flexible and customisable

You can add custom fields, reporting and workflows to comply with your unique legislative requirements, circumstance, organisation or workflows.

Link everything to everything

View all interactions from the perspective of a stakeholder, a property, an event, or public campaign. You can view and manage your data in every which way possible allowing your whole enterprise to interact with our solution based on the way they work.

Lighting fast

Designed on the latest technology stack and utilising Amazon Web Services we can deliver a lightning fast and intuitive user experience for our users.

Workflow & compliance

Set actions, assign a workflow and track customisable time-based deadlines.

Integration with other software

We offer full integration into any of your existing enterprise software, be it SAP, Salesforce, or any document management systems. We also offer integration back into our software through a robust API framework. We will soon offer integration with front facing community apps.

Sentiment analysis

We have inbuilt AI to detect mood and sentiment of your stakeholders and your interactions. Ask it to recommend a sentiment, turn it off or simply let it run, it’s up to you.

Mobile app

Coming soon.

No-nonsense pricing

From $50 per project per month.

About us

Find our what makes us tick.  Learn more about us and our vision for project software.

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