Spend more of your time with your clients and delivering positive outcomes – and let Engage save you time on acquittals, complaints and consultation management.

Having worked extensively in project management and particularly within the government and NGO sectors, we share your frustration in using the existing 'project' and ‘workflow/ tracking’ software solutions. The typically over-complicated user experience is compounded by the price and approach to licensing, which is often inflexible and requires a large upfront commitment.

Workflow & compliance

For whatever your workflow needs, you can use Engage to assign team members actions and track customisable time-based deadlines. This could include for acquittal preparation through to final approvals, all within the one software with full tracking and auto-reminders.

Set your own KPIs to track compliance against legislation, internal processes, and manage performance.

You will have real-time visibility of the volume and status of every item (e.g. query, complaint, acquittal) how long each step of the process takes, clarity on your bottlenecks and the relative workload between your teams. You can also map your data using our advanced geographical mapping (GIS) tools.

Integration with other software and Administrative Ease

We offer full integration into any of your existing enterprise software, be it SAP, Salesforce, or any document management systems.

We paid special attention to administrators, because we know you carry the burden of ensuring data quality, integrity, reporting, setup, new projects and induction. Our software has built in smarts including:

  • prompting you in the event of detecting a potential duplicate
  • form autofill capability
  • data extraction with just a single click
  • data merging functionality to allow you to administer and enter your data with ease
  • Multi-level user permission setting e.g. staff vs contractors vs executive etc.
  • Multi-hierarchy reporting e.g. project vs program vs portfolio

Training & Support

We are one of the rare software companies that will spend the time with you upfront (and in person, if in Sydney) to train your administrators in the use of the system. We also offer an eLearning module.

Engage is supported 24/7, in person, by our Sydney-based passionate staff, who built every line of code.

Sentiment analysis

We have inbuilt AI to detect mood and sentiment of your stakeholders and your interactions. Ask it to recommend a sentiment, turn it off or simply let it run, it’s up to you.

Mobile app

Coming soon.

No-nonsense pricing

From only $50 per project per month.

About us

Find our what makes us tick.  Learn more about us and our vision for project software.

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